PN16 DN300 Blind Flanges

This flange kind is used, normally, in high-pressure and high/low temperatures purposes that require an unrestricted float of the fluid conveyed by using the piping device (the bore of the flange fits with the bore of the pipe.The absence of stress drops prevents bad consequences as turbulence and erosion/corrosion of the metals in the proximity of the flanged joints.The tapered hub approves a easy distribution of the mechanical stress between the pipe and the weld neck flange and enables the execution of radiographic inspections to discover feasible leakages and welding defects.The dimension of the flange (NPS and the pipe schedule) shall suit the dimension of the connecting pipe.

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PN16 refers to the pressure rating of the flange, which is 16 bar. DN300 refers to the nominal diameter of the flange, which is 300 millimeters. Blind flanges are used to seal off the end of a piping system. Therefore, PN16 DN300 Blind flanges are flanges with a pressure rating of 16 bar, a nominal diameter of 300 millimeters, and are used to seal off the end of a piping system.

Advantages of PN16 DN300 Blind Flanges:

  1. It provides a secure and tight seal at the end of a piping system.

  2. It allows easy maintenance and cleaning of the system by providing access to the interior parts.

  3. It reduces noise and vibration caused by the fluid flowing through the system.

  4. It prevents contamination of the fluid inside the system.

Applications of PN16 DN300 Blind Flanges:

  1. They are commonly used in oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, and petrochemical industries for connecting pipes and vessels.

  2. They are also used in water treatment plants, power generation plants, and pharmaceutical industries.

  3. They are especially useful in situations where a temporary or permanent closure is needed in the pipeline.

  4. They can be used in high pressure and high- temperature applications where a tight seal is required.

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